Saturday, 23 December 2017

Xmas glam and shopping

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas🎄💗

On 21st I went Christmas shopping with my mom. (I know, very late lol) There were still some things I needed to buy for myself and also presents. I spent so much money😨💸 I wanted to make sure everyone will enjoy their presents💕 Next year I'll have to start working or something after I'm done with my current school.

Anyway, I finally had some time to do my makeup so I decided to go for a cute purple-ish cut crease with matching  lipstick.

I used my BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette for the eyeshadow, and combined a pinkish highlighter with Rodeo Drive highlighter from Ofra for the highlight points. For lipstick I popped on some elf tea rose lipstick.

Close ups (I'm sorry the quality is so bad😨)

Ootd. (I'm so mad that my glasses pretty much cover up my eyemakeup) I bought these really cute Christmas earrings earlier on the week since they were on sale in the Glitter store.

They had all these cute Christmas themed flowers in shops! I wanted to buy everything but I'm not going to be home for Christmas this year so I didn't buy any. Mom on the other hand bought some for our family and for our grandmother. 💕

I decided to try something new for Christmas and New Year so I looked into the Yes to brand. It seems to be cruelty free but correct me if I'm wrong! I bought the tomato version of the charcoal cleansing water and charcoal mask. I hope it works out for my mixed skin!

I also discovered another brand that was new to me. This is Kocostar, it's a Korean skincare brand. So excited to try all these masks! Especially the foot peeling mask! You're supposed to keep the peeling socks on for 1,5 hours and after taking them off the peeling process will start.

When I move into my own apartment with my boyfriend, I think I want a white Christmas tree like this one!! It's so cute😍🎄

Thankyou for reading and Happy Holidays💖🎁


Monday, 24 July 2017

Simple morning skincare routine💗

Hey everyone!💄

Here is an example of a simple morning skincare routine that I do every morning myself. It needs to be short and simple for me because I'm always in a hurry in the morning. (I'm always late too!😂😥)

Step 1. Wash your face with cold water to cleanse away any excess oils your skin might have produced during the night and also to wake up your eyes. If my eyes seem puffy, and I don't have time for cooling eyepads, I just cup my hands filled with cold water and keep the water on my eyes for a moment. (You can also use an icecube by pressing it sligthly on your eyelids.) This way the eyes will look a bit more awake and you yourself will feel more awake and fresh. If you have oily skin, use a cleanser when washing your face.

Step 2. After washing my face I always prepare my skin for the moisturizer with a toner. I use a toner that evens out dark spots, I really like it! Just put a few drops on your hands (this way you can use way more product than if you used a cottonpad.) and pat it on your face and neck.

Step 3. Next up is collagen mist and moisturizer. I think collagen is really important to have in your skincare routine in some form. In your mid-20s the skin's own collagen producing starts to decrease so it is important to take care of your collagen intake. 💗 Spraying the collagen mist on the face in the morning feels so nice and patting the skin softly makes the product absorb faster. Next I like to put on some eyecream because my under eye area is very delicate and gest dry easily!

Then it's time for the moisturizer (in my opinion the most important step!) (Remember!: if you are going to put on some foundation, wait for a while for the moisturizer to absorb before applying any makeup. This prevents the makeup from shifting around and also makes the applying easier.) ^-^

Thank you for reading, I hope this was somewhat helpful🌻


Monday, 3 July 2017

MJTGyaru: My tanning routine

🌺Hola everyone!🌺

This time I wanted to let you guys know about my tanning routine. Tan is something special for many gyaru, especially kuro gyaru, but some "shiro gyarus" (white skin gyarus) also like a little tan. Nothing too dark but a little bronze. Many gyaru in Japan especially go to solarium to get their skin nice and dark. Others use self tanning lotion (I think many foreign gyaru do this) or just tan naturally in the sun by laying on the beach! 💗 Before I started doing gyaru, I didn't really worry about my tan, but now I want to have a beautiful tan since I really admire the kuro gyaru look. Something that dark isn't for me, but I want a little tan💕

                   Egg models. I don't own this picture

I don't naturally tan very easily and even if I do get some tan, it is not much! It is always the same pattern; I see myself that I have tanned and am excited about it but when I tell my friends how tanned I am, they say "you are still white". (Ugh) Also my skin is very sensitive so it's very important for me to use a good sunblock with a high spf. When I was in Thailand I used something like spf 20 which is not enough for my delicate skin! I burned my skin and it was painful. Using aloe vera gel and coconut oil helped a lot! After that I learned my lesson and started using spf 50.
Anyway, to get back on the subject, I use Vita Liberata self tanning lotion. It is very good, I bought it last summer and I still use the same tube! It's texture is quite nice, smooth and not too liquidy. This brand is also cruelty free! ~

Before Vita Liberata I used L'ORÉAL's Sublime Bronze, which is not cruelty free. As you can see, this was before I started changing to cruelty free. The bottle was cute, but the lotion itself didn't do much to be honest. It was also a bit glittery(??) which didn't look too good. The bronze was also very light and I don't know if they have darker shades but I wouldn't recommend it to dark skin girls. 😥

Step 1.
I like to scrub my skin with body scrub the day before I'm going to use the tanning lotion. By erasing the dead skin cells you allow the tan to really get in there and stay on as long as possible. 💕 Also after scrubbing you must use lotion to moisturize your skin. If your skin is dry when you apply the tanning lotion, it's going to stick to all of the dry patches in a nasty way. (Not pretty!)

Step 2.
Before applying the product it's good to have some kind of tool to apply it with. If you are going to rub the lotion on with your hands, I strongly recommend using disposable plastic gloves! I do think it applies more smoothly with a tanning mitt though. Tanning mitts are not that expensive anyway, so while purchasing the lotion I got the tanning mitt also.
Then just put your bikini on (if you want to tan your whole body) and get started!🌻

Step 3.
When applying, use round swift motions to get it even. (No one wants brown patches right😂) Legs: start from your shinbone and go around the calf and work your way down to your ankle. The back of the ankle doesn't need much colour, for it will get stuck between the wrinkles and look dirty. Also, the key is to tan the places that the sun would naturally hit, so no need to obsess over the sides of your feet and places like that.~ Do swipe the foot slightly with your mitt though to make it natural. You can go over the knee very quickly and avoid putting too much at the back of the knee. Wipe the thighs the same way as legs.
Tummy and back: This middle section you want to do next before arms to avoid messing up the fresh tan. Start with your stomach and sides. Then get the lower back by switching hands as you need to and after that go to your mid/upper back. If you can't reach all the way, (and can't ask someone for help) just put the mitt the other way around in your hand so that when you touch your mid back with the back of your hand, the colored side of the mitt will touch your skin. When you want to get the upper back and behind of your shoulders, bend your hand over your shoulder and push down the elbow with your other hand! I find this really helpful.
Arms and chest: next you wipe around your arms and then shoulders, and chest and then with the left over tan lotion you wipe your neckline. If you want to put some on your face, mix a small drop of tan lotion with your regular moisturizer and moisturize like usual.😊

Step 4.
After you have tanned, it's good if you can let it air dry for a bit before putting your baggy loose clothes on. You don't want to use tight clothes right after in order not to ruin the fresh tan.

This is my tanning routine which I do 1-2 times a week in summer. (Sometimes I'm lazy and do only 2 times a month loool)
I hope you enjoyed these tips and found them helpful🐝
Thanks for reading💕🌈


Monday, 12 June 2017

Skin care/Beauty haul!

Hey Everyone!

When I was in Thailand, I bought a shit load of things! I was shoppimg all the time had I actually enough money for it or not. (I wish I could grow a money tree on my backyard.)  I bought some clothes, souveniers and lots of other cute stuff but mainly I was focused on the skin care and make up section lol. I'm such a skin care freak and now that I finally got to go as far as Hua Hin in Thailand, I was going to use some money on skin care products! They have a lot more stuff in there than here in Finland. (They do sell some Korean skin care products in Helsinki and cities close to it I believe, but I don't go there very often since it's really far away from where I live!) So needless to say I was excited 😭💕 My boyfriend grew tired very quickly of me stopping to browse for cruelty free make up/skin care in malls! (I'm so sorry💟) Anyway, without further ado let's get started with the haul~

I found this little brand called cute press in Tesco and it's said to be cruelty free so I took a look at it. The shop was really small and in the middle of other little makeup boutiques in the big mall. The logo caught my eye since it was so cute (no pun intended) and I had to google it! There were lots of nice things and I went there for a couple of times during my time in Hua Hin. 

I bought a whitening toner and essence (in this case whitening means evening out dark spots and so on, not bleaching your skin!) and a moisturizing lotion for my mixed to dry skin. I also bought an eye cream for age lift. One of my favourite skin care/beauty youtubers once said in her video that she always uses at least one unti-aging product in her skin care regimen to slow down/prevent skin aging. Since I saw that I have done the same thing and so far I'm really liking this eye cream! It's thick but smooth and absorbs quite quickly

Here are some other things I bought from cute press. I found these 2 deodorants, Lovely and Destinée. Lovely smells just like it's name, lovely! It is like a sweet flower scent and it's quite funny actually since the scent is similar to my best friend's perfume!~ The other one is still sealed in it's plastic wrap and waiting for me until I finish the Lovely one😊 My skin is sensitive, especially on the delicate arm pit skin so I was anxious to see how my skin would react to it. Luckily the formula is really good and doesn't make my skin itch nor sting even after shaving! The small bottle on the right is a mini perfume called Romeo & Juliet from the same brand and it smells really sweet and girly! I always keep it in my hand bag because it is so small. Whenever I forget to put my perfume on at home I can spray this one on on the go. The pink face massage roller I bought from Daiso for real cheap. I always roll my jawline and neck gently with it after spraying some moisture on my face👼 Very relaxing~

These are some make up products I purchased. I had never tried a cushion type of foundation before so when I saw that they have those in cute press I decided to give it a go. This was the lightest shade they had, I believe they had like 3 or 4 different shades (if I remember correctly). This shade is good for me when I have tanned a little, so it was perfect! The name is Byebye Oil and when I asked if it is for oily skin only (I had my boyfriend translate since the ladies didn't speak English) and they said it's good for any skin type. I was a little scetched because of the name of the foundation but I bought it anyway because I really wanted to try it. In Thailand it is very hot and I was sweating tons so it was really practical to use it there in that climate. In Finland I think it's a little too drying for everyday use (at least for my dry skin). The other,minus would be that it was quite sticky if I didn't put some powder on top of it.. 
The mini eyeshadow palette with blush I got for free after buying their products for some certain amount of money. The colours are cute and very useful for everyday makeup! They also last quite well with eye primer under it. 
In Tesco there was a shop called NYX  that I had googled on in advance and I was eager to go there since I havelove been wanting to try out NYX's makeup! Unfortunately when I went there I learned that the name was kind of catfished😂 It wasn't NYX's own store, but just a mini boutique with random makeup brands in there. There were NYX's liquid lipsticks tho and I was happy about that! I got 2 of them (you can see the swatches on my hand in the picture) and they are really nice! Especially the lighter shade lasts really long and it is pretty much "kiss proof". The red one for some reason is not kiss proof and it shifts if you drink or touch your lips. But it is such a beautiful classic color, so I don't mind! In Bluport mall there was a makeup/skin care shop called Stardust and there were some Lime Crime products like eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. I chose this metallic glittery purple shade and it is very nice to pair with a glamorous gyaru eye make. It would look better on bigger lips though😂 You know like ig models.. lol.

This Japanese brand, Bifesta, turned out being really nice! (Not tested on animals) Apparently they have mostly make up remover products, but I really like to use this foaming whip just for regular cleansing after removing my makeup. It is very smooth and smells nice like citrus. I wanted to try the cleanser for acne prone skin also since I have this problem area on my cheeks. The formula is very liquidy and not sure if it does much for my skin but we will see. (It wasn't that expensive anyway!) So far the eye makeup remover (the blue bottle on the right) is my absolute favorite! Before it I used to use Lumene's eye makeup remover (I'm not sure if it's cruelty free, so I'm not using Lumene anymore) and comparing those two, this one is the better one for sure. The Lumene one is said to be for water proof eye makeup but it didn't really do well it's job. You really had to rub it on which is never a good thing, also it irritated my sensitive skin. I would get this slightly burning sensation after using it. Bifesta on the other hand is a regular eye make remover but it works wonders! It gently removes your makeup without irritating the skin. Love it💗 I wish I had bought more than just one bottle!

I found Lululun masks in one skin care section and picked up 4 of these pink regular sheetmask sets! They are meant to use for everyday of the week, 7 days, to get the wanted results (moisturize, firm and all that good stuff). I haven't tried it yet, but once I have used it for a week, I'll definitely do a review! Maybe some before and after pictures of my skin to see if it really improved anything. So stay tuned for that😂 The large pink sheetmask on the right is from cute press. I actually got one for free once when I was shopping there and it seemed quite nice. It was very liquidy though and a bit sticky.. I don't really mind the stickiness but if that is something you don't like in a sheetmask.. All in all it was quite good, and the excess product that was left in the bag after taking out the sheet can be used for moisturizing your neck and chest area/arms and everything. Nothing goes to waste😊

So here's just a random pile of cotton pads (I really love these cotton pads since they are so soft, and can be used as cushion in your luggage!💗) I bought and some collagen tablets from Daiso. I haven't tried the tablets yet, it's just something I randomly picked up from Daiso when I was just about to leave after shopping for all I needed. (Also, a small reminder that Daiso is not cruelty free, which isis why I didn't try iyt their makeup/beauty section!)

All of these brands should not be tested on animals as far as I know, but if you have better information, please let me know!🌺

Ps. They sold a lot of Watsons skin care in Thailand, does anyone know if they are cruelty free? I tried to google it and ask the shop assistants at one skin care shop but they didn't know either.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! 
- Elina🐨

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Gyaru meet!

Hallo everyone (*^ ^*)
Been a while since last post but is it a surprise? I mean, if you have read my posts more than one time you probably know I can't keep a schedule! LOL So I'm going to just go with the flow and write whenever. Please stick with me😂💕

So on 13th of May, which is also the day before my birthday, I went to Helsinki to meet my gurls Helena and Anniina and other gyarus. It was sooo nice to see everyone after a long time! Also got to meet new people which is also fun. (I tend to stick to just a few people.. need to socialize more haha.) There weren't many of us, but it was fun! We ate at a Thai restaurant and the food was delectable😻 The weather was also nice so we did some parapara outside and tried to take cute pictures with Helena's selfie stick but we failed. The sun was shining straight into our eyes and the Snow filters (you know it girl) wouldn't work on the whole group so we gave up and took the picture inside the mall instead 😂 Oh well.

My face and hair for the meet up👼

Everyone was looking so cute! 💕🍭

 After the meet Helena, Anniina and I went to grocery and booze shopping and went to chill at Anniina's place. We had so much fun just eating and drinking and listening to music. It turned into a nostalgy party when we started listening to some old favorites and dancing to them 😂

Aren't we cute lol😂😂👑


Pretty late in the evening we went to a bar where there was a discount for drinks that night. The girls bought me a birthday drink (which was delicious and tasted like pear ice cream!!) and we friggin danced the night away😂
Thanks everyone, I had fun👼💕

Thankyou for reading my messy post, I'm happy if at least one person finds some kind of entertainment in reading my stuff!~

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Thailand outfit coordinates

Hey everyone!
It's been such a long time since I posted something here, so today I'm sharing some ootd's from my trip in Thailand~

The second night we went out to drink *^^*

Closer pic of the makeup

This pink palm tree print dress is so cute and flattering and easy to wear~

More casual look with slight rokku vibe

(Early)Bday party look for Friday!

I really loved this look! Simple but cute💕 The top is Golds Infinity and on the bottom I'm wearing regular jean shorts~

Look for Saturday's Bday pool party!💕

For the pool party I just wore an oversized white shirt with bikini underneath and white-blue striped shorty shorts >3<

After party in bar~ 

Makeup details

As you can see (since they appear in most of the pics) I love these hair accessories so I was using them almost the whole time! I also really like to put stickers on my face. I love to get that extra sparkle🌻

As always, thankyou for reading🐸💕


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My Journey to Gyaru: The beginning

Hello everyone! ~ <3

 After a break from writing absolutely nothing here on my blog (I know I'm so lazy but it'll get better..I hope!) I decided to finally talk about my "journey to gyaru". In the future I will just shorten it to "MJTGyaru" just so you know! ~ What this all will be about is how I discovered gyaru style and got into it myself. Later on I will update you about my clothes, where I buy them, makeup and how I progress in this journey. Gyaru style takes a lot of time and practice I think (*^^*)

First I should quickly explain more about this style, because not everyone is familiar with it. (Feel free to skip this fellow gals lol) Gyaru was born in Japan in the beginning of 90's and there are lots of variations of gyaru. Ganguro for example is a style that was popular especially in the late 90's.  Ganguro style usually includes heavy tan and white highlight on cheeks and eyes + pale/white lips. Kuro gyaru is similar to this with tan, but is more trendy and more detailed. You don't have to tan to be gyaru though, there are gals who choose not to tan (shiro gyaru). Gyaru is all about looks and attitude. Most gyaru wear false eyelashes, circle lenses and rock a big hairstyle. Cute and cool long nails are also a part of the style.

        A few examples of gyaru



                                                             (I don't own the pictures)

                                                      (Shiro) hime gyaru

To me gyaru is about being free and being your own kind of beautiful and having fun with friends. I got to know about gyaru for the first time years ago by accident but didn't really think much of it. It was just last year in spring that I ran into it again in the internet and got curious. I went and bought a dark powder and cheap falsies quickly after that to try out the style that I had seen pictures of. I applied the powder with wet sponge to get a dark tone on my face and tried to do some typical gyaru highlighting...Applying the false lashes was a total failure tho 😂 I took some pictures and had my fun~ (Not going to show the pics here haha) From then on I kept studying about the style and started watching the gal unit Black Diamond's videos on Youtube and I got really excited about the style. Slowly but surely I started to practice the makeup and purchasing the make up items and everything that I felt like I needed. For a long time I used cheap unbranded eyelashes bought from ebay because I was trying to figure out what kind of lashes suit me the best. I'm still trying out different stuff and seeing what I like. Exploring and experiencing new things is the best part in everything right?~

First times doing gyaru (2016)


My look atm (2017)

I really prefer the current one 😂 There's still a lot to learn tho~ I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Let me know what you thought🙈

Thankyou xxx